Dubai, November 14, 2022: DNDEvents inks MoU with Xero Tech for organizing exclusive events in metaverse as exclusive partner.

When Facebook rebranded itself to Meta in October 2021 to reflect its focus on the metaverse, it was met with no small amount of controversy. Despite this, however, there is little doubt that investment in the metaverse will grow significantly in the coming years, with Bloomberg estimating it will reach a value of $800 million by 2024. One of the areas where the metaverse is expected to have an especially significant impact is corporate events.

We are among few first entrants in to Metaverse as a Service. We are developing an immersive and persistent Next Generation Metaverse Platform for B2B & B2G solutions. It is our pleasure to partner with “DND Events” to offer and organize virtual events, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and workshops in GCC region, exclusively.

Noman Shah, Founder & CEO Xero Tech FZ LLC
Xero Tech

DND Events in Metaverse

Imagine making friends, rearing virtual pets, buying virtual property, selling products, working in a lifelike remote setup, and conducting events using 3-D virtual objects? Well, that’s where we are headed. We have joined hands with one of the best “Metaverse as a Service” solution providers “Xero Tech FZ LLC” to soon offer our clients virtual corporate and social events.

What is the Metaverse?

In the simplest terms, the metaverse refers to a persistent and immersive 3D environment that makes extensive use of new and emerging technologies like virtual and augmented reality. It aims to take people beyond the screen and into virtual worlds.

Contrary to popular belief, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta isn’t the only player in the metaverse, and neither is it the first. The concept has already been implemented for around 20 years, with the Second Life online multimedia platform by Linden Lab being one of the first.

Another common misconception about the metaverse is that it primarily exists for immersive gaming and other forms of entertainment. However, while it leverages many of the same technologies as those used in the gaming industry, the metaverse goes far further. In particular, it promises to take hybrid and virtual events and meetings to a whole new level of immersion.

How will the Metaverse Impact Meetings and Events?

Perhaps the most important implication of the metaverse for the events sector is that it offers unlimited space for ideas. By contrast, an office or meeting room can only hold a finite number of monitors, and monitors can only display a limited number of simultaneous video feeds. With the metaverse, there is no hard limit on the number of people who can get involved.

The highly immersive and extensible nature of the metaverse is such that it can be used for hosting events of practically any size, including major trade fairs and the like. For example, a business could participate in a major virtual event by setting up a virtual booth that attendees can walk up to in the virtual world in much the same way as they would with a physical event.

For smaller-scale events, such as business meetings and conferences, the metaverse helps remove the remoteness from remote work. This can help increase engagement and company culture alike, in a way that meetings over platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams never could.

The engagement aspect should also not be underestimated. The metaverse greatly expands on the concept of gamification, which has now been widely adopted as a way to engage both customers and employees and, in the case of events, attendees. This results in more dynamic and connected workplaces, along with an increased ability for self-expression and creativity. After all, the metaverse offers practically unlimited ways for participants to create their virtual identities by way of customizable avatars. For the metaverse and marketing, it also presents a fun and creative way to connect with customers. In the end, the metaverse is a major step up from the virtual and hybrid events that we’ve all become accustomed to over the pandemic.

The impact on hybrid events is particularly important since the metaverse helps break down the divide between those attending in person and those attending virtually. In either case, attendees can enjoy a similarly engaging and high-quality experience.

Types Of Metaverse Events In 2022

“I believe the metaverse is the next chapter for the internet,” said Mark Zuckerberg, and digging into the exponential potential of this world, event planners are already placing their bets on it.

Metaverse gatherings leverage the power of VR to create engaging, social, and inclusive events, which easily attract high-paying sponsors, attendee registration, and ROI.

Metaverse Concerts/Entertainment Events

Concerts are immersive. On the Metaverse, participants can create their avatars and get a sense of being present in the venue for real. And like in any live concert, they can interact with each other- groove, laugh, and sing along.

Organizers can also add an AI chatbot as guides or assistants to guide, greet or interact with the attendees, alongside fun and engaging 3D objects that enhance the feeling of shared experiences. Also, allowing the attendees to move around freely, building connections with others.

Be it musicals, stand-up comedy gigs, open mics, or any workshop, the Metaverse is well-equipped to enhance ticket sales and attendees’ experiences.

Metaverse Gaming Events

Although video games have been engaging audiences for decades altogether, significant advancements have been made in preparations for the Metaverse. Being a lifelike world, audiences can create their virtual avatars and curate setup within the Metaverse, allowing them to have a presence similar to what they have in reality but with greater flexibility.

Instead of simply streaming games or watching someone play, imagine being able to join the game and interact with gamers on an equal footing. While on the organizer’s front, metaverse gaming events unleash incredible earning opportunities.

Roblox players spent $652 million on the site’s virtual currency.

Bring all the gaming drama on the social wall to boost the audience’s engagement further. Add additional elements like a countdown, clock, and leader scorecards and capitalize on the gamers’ spirits.

Metaverse Trade Shows

Connect your exhibitors with buyers worldwide in an immersive metaverse trade show. You can reach out to audiences on any device, attract their attention, drive lead generation, and build the sales pipeline.

Be it food, car, property, technology, or any other trade show; organizers can –

create stunning 3D designs
customize and make virtual booths branded
enable live chat tools to boost networking
embed an online shop to drive conversions
add gamification like trivia, scavenger hunts, etc., to keep the attendees hooked 
Stream live video into 3D 
Presell 3D floor plans

The best part about conducting a trade show in the Metaverse is co-presence. Attendees create their virtual avatars and create networking opportunities with others. Research suggests this instils a sense of inclusion and a user’s feeling of co-presence.

Metaverse Graduation Ceremonies

Host an unforgettable virtual graduation ceremony that allows your constituents to interact, network, and celebrate together without getting fatigued.

Platforms like MootUp access lifelike avatars for users to communicate 1:1 via video conferencing, chat, and video calls, unlocking an immersive experience for the students, teachers, and parents attending the graduation ceremony.

Further, Metaverse being social facilitates “watercooler moments” where attendees can take five with others and get informal as they’d in a real scenario. This creates a celebratory environment and lets everyone enjoy their big day.

Metaverse Award Functions

Organizing award functions in the Metaverse is undeniable one of its best use cases. Primarily because of the scalability that it provides. Event organizers need not have to book large spaces to accommodate the guest list. They need a 3D model where all the glitz and glamour can suffice.

Metaverse Job Fairs

Conducting job fairs in the Metaverse is the perfect way to find and recruit ideal candidates for your job openings.

Employers can access a larger candidate pool, screen the top ones and engage with them. Corporations can also provide training, leveraging the interactive powers that a 3D environment unlocks.

Metaverse Product Launch

The product launch anticipation is for real. Brands can capitalize on it in the Metaverse because, with innovation and creativity, the sky’s the limit.

Inside Roblox’s virtual world, a digital-only Gucci bag sold for $4,100, which is more than the bag’s value in the real world,

Businesses can showcase live or pre-recorded demos of your product, upload walkthroughs, tutorials, and testimonials, and let your attendees place orders directly on the website.